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The most beautiful girl on the universe. You should be friends with her because she has a very good personality. She knows how to comfort you and make you feel better. She's also very approachable, kind and smart. She's fun to hang out with. Just don't mess with her, okay?
by FearlessGirl June 09, 2015
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A.K.A: Shellsa Meltsa, Vindictive Bitch, Shelly-Welly-Belly-Button, Shell, Shelly, Peat, Bob, Shell Bell, Chellsa, Chels, Shells-muh-luh, exct.

Chelsa is definitely the most important person you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. She is pretty much the shit. There is no possible way to define Chelsa in one word. But if you had sum up Chelsa in one word that word would be mind-blowing.
I must remove myself from this room because I can not handle the awesome power of Chelsa's majestic presence.
by Nameless2die4 August 03, 2010
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someone who acts high and wants to be high, however doesnt know how to get high.
Jessica sotp acting like a Chelsa and just go get some weed from the motel down the ally!
by Charlston November 21, 2007
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Lies all the time, can't keep a boyfriend cause she's too much of a Bitch! Very selfish, ignorant, dependant on others! Can't make a name for herself. Fat, ugly, could never be a model. Has skin problems, like pimples or moles all over the face. If this girl has kids, can't look after them, would much rather party or get laid, cause she's easy and slutty! Just a bad person.
Chelsa Likes to treat people like shit, if she's has her way!
by Garry goforth February 08, 2010
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