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The best little sister in the world! Love her! She is goofy, silly, cute, pretty, tall, funny, annoying. But that's what makes her, her. I love this little girl... even though she's not so little anymore. I love Chelly!
I wish Chelly was my sister!
I wish I was friends with Chelly!
by anonymous1215 December 15, 2012
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A vile hump-shaped deformity positioned between a males chest and belly. Other symptoms include black-head breakouts & pallid skin. The disorder is characterized by a shameless reluctancy to pay off debts and the hump itself is thought to be full of accumlated toxins from bleeding others dry. The sufferer is generally despondent and self-pitying, lazy, and has poor hygiene, with the expectation that other people should do everything for them. They will not accept responsibility for their own failings and often chase pipe dreams, but only in a half-arsed manner.
"God my ex had a right chelly on him"
"Listen, pay me the money you owe me or I'll get my dad to put his foot through your fucking chelly"
by Youknowwhodontyou May 19, 2010
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The nick name your mother gives her daughter named "Michelle" because she thinks it's cute and a one of a kind name..(when it's not). Girls named this are usually sweet, loud, very outgoing, great girlfriend's, funny.... just plan perfect. Can usually be found at church on sunday and at the clubs dancing to drake Thursday's-Saturday's. Likes to be choked during intercourse and needs plenty of attention and men with a big D***.
Me* i need a girlfriend
Friend* all girls are the same bro
Me* na not those chelly's

Me* their different

Friend* i want me a chelly
by Booty munching January 08, 2017
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When a womans chest is the same size as her belly.
I would totally take that chick home if she wasn't a chelly.
by Eminemery July 31, 2008
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A chelly is a small turd being similar in length and width resulting in a roughly spherical shape. They are often deposited in clusters in public toilets where they may be framed with a bouquet of flamboyantly arranged paper garnishing which may or may not extend to the rim of the bowl.
Doctor: How are your bowel movements?
Patient: Umm. Uhhh.
Doctor: Firm or soft.
Patient: F..f..f...firm.
Doctor: Long or short?
Patient: Short. Sorta round.
Doctor. Hmmm. <scribbling and muttering> Patient reports chelly movements.
by Monica Slatskaya July 02, 2011
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chelly is da best in da whole world NOT! she evil and hates everyone lol jks
by ummmmmmmmm July 21, 2003
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