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Someone who prays to God only when they want something as opposed to actually doing something about it, and otherwise does nothing else to further his kingdom. Typical behavior includes leaving their megachurch on a Sunday morning to have lunch at a restaurant and berate the server for working that day.
Here come the prayer warriors, everyone hide the gays and put out your cigarettes or we're all going to hell!
by johnnyrocket92 October 23, 2016
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Someone who is so riddled with Christianity that they actually fight to be more stupid.
And the next stage of training for our prayer warriors is to corral three rattle snakes into this coke bottle, using only a spoon and their faith.
by TheThinkingMan July 23, 2013
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People think they can solve things by talking to themselves and hoping a bearded man in a night-gown hears them.
Person 1. "Hey, look at this picture of a baby on life-support that my mom shared."
Person 2. "Try not to look at the comments, it's full of Prayer Warriors."
by Herp Herpkinson February 15, 2014
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A person who seeks to change oneself rather than the will of the Supreme Being, through prayer. Faith, lack of Pride, Compassion, Self-Honesty, Optimism etc. are some of the qualities of Prayer Warriors.
And when she said she is a prayer warrior, non-believers mistook her for a witch and burnt her at the stake.
by omneox June 16, 2018
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