Basically, at the end of a meal after you’re full and don’t really want anymore the dessert menu arrives and you decide you want a dessert. The cheeseboard option is always on there but it’s the last choice anyone ever goes for. Also within the cheeseboard you have the nice cheeses then you always have the horrid stinking cheeses that are left over at the end after all the nice cheeses are gone. As the cheeseboard sits there infront of you you will start to pick at the horrid cheeses even though you don’t want them, just because they are there and you ordered a dessert.

This is like when you go out, the ugly girl (like the cheeseboard) is always the last option you’d choose, you never really want it and will regret it afterwards but at the time it seems like the right and only thing to do.
Within the cheeseboard itself the horrid cheeses are always left. On a night out the fit girls always get pulled or leave early on in the night, which leaves the less attractive girls on the dance floor towards the end of night. By this time if you havnt already pulled but feel like you want to, this are your only option and even if you don’t want them you will slowly start to pick away and get closer closer as they are left there in front of you until eventually you end up getting with one of them.
“Right mate it’s 2am neither of us have pulled yet, let’s go cheeseboarding”
by -Cutters- December 30, 2017
To arrive at a casual gathering/party devastatingly overdressed, showing up all other guests who are assumed to be very casual.
"I think they were all just ordering pizza and getting smashed at Dave's tonight."

"Right on, I'll grab the chinos. I feel like cheeseboarding this bitch."
by tourm March 17, 2010
The definition of a complete twat, acting in a manner considered too gay for normal society, or somebody who you just down right wanna punch.
My mate Shaun went out last night and pulled this Aussie bloke. What a cheeseboard.

This cheeseboard was pissing everyone off last night, so I munged his gran.
by evil_moses May 6, 2010
The act of causing temporary breathlessness by smearing smegma from a cheesy and unwashed phallus over the nasal passages of the victim.
'Crafer, pass me the cheeseboard please'
'I'll give you a cincinatti cheeseboard unless you shut up'
by The fuzzy Arouser July 12, 2012
To savour the air biscuits of a group of close friend's or colleagues in a confined space . e.g. your boss's office or friend's car.
Having been asked if he would like tikka for dinner, Tom replied:
"No thanks, I'm going to Nadine's later for a gang bang and the last thing I want is to bring mature cheddar to the dutch cheeseboard."
by Adambigbaws June 13, 2008
The favourite food of such people as syylum (aka Yxngzs, mulyys, xsyIum, s6ym, pahpi sucks, teaa sucks, Zeridy4439, ROSPECTOR and tigs vu.
''Jacob, do you want a cheeseboard for tea?''

''Yeah mum can I have a monster with it?''
by fritt August 16, 2021
When someone is talking to you and you aren’t really listening but you pretend you are
Hey man, are you even listening to me or are you cheeseboarding me?
by Cheeseboarder November 28, 2018