Is usually a man/woman who is your superior and is in charge of managing you while you are employed at a company. This person is responsible for making you work for minimal pay and keeps spoon feeding you a small pay check to keep you in line and preventing you from having the courage to finally quit your job, thus ensuring you stay imprisoned in a zombie like state coming into the prison that is your work everyday. After your boss's boss sees how much productivity he/she can get out of his/her employees by minimizing pay and maximizing work, he/she will be given more money, none of which you should expect to see.
Your boss called, he wants you to work overtime on Saturdays.
by The Good Employee July 8, 2009
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A flash game created in 2003 by former Simpsons creator Tom Winkler where you play as a man in an office and you kill your boss in many ways (ruler, keyboard, Garbage bin, clock, etc.)
I had a hard day at work. I’m gonna play whack your boss.
by Beatlesfan18 June 4, 2019
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