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The Majority is Stereotypically bitchy, snotty, egotistical, vain, thinks the world revolves around them, thinks they are the sh!t as many of you clearly stated, simply enjoys making fun of outcasts such as nerds, loners, and other different groups of people that are outside of their preppy ass realm.

Uncommonly down to earth, very nice, friendly, loves to cheer, lots of energy. and many other characteristics that most people wouldn't expect
if you watch movies like "Bring it On", "The Hot Chick" and other stupid retarded movies that Hollywood loves to create all these stereotypes then pretty much you will see the common stereotype of cheerleaders.

from personal experience as a loner/nerd there are some that are nice, while others the "elites" are unfortunately the ones that are pretty much the "B with an Itches"

and we "nerds" can party too. without us you people wouldn't have all this great high-tech shit that we now have today, so at least give us some respect and appreciation thank you very much.
by JustAnotherLoser_PassingBy April 30, 2009
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