there are many types of cheerleaders.
Highschool cheerleaders, u niversity cheerleaders, and all-star cheerleaders.

Highschool cheerleading is a club.
All-star cheerleading is a sport in where the athelete needs to do things common in other sports
I am an All-star cheerleader, ive broken my arm, leg, and wrist.
And it takes coordination, clearly
by she who loves american eagle August 11, 2005
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cheerleaders r the shit! ppl who say that cheerleading is not a sport i couldnt disagree with u more i admit i used to say the same thing before i started cheerleading b.c i used to be a gymnast i have seen more cheerleaders break their noses or an ankle this year then i have football players i do cheerin competativly and am goin to world championships in florida so if u have anything 2 say about cheerleading not bein a sport u can come and talk to me b.c i work my ass off prob more then u loser bums who r like cheerleaders r snobs wah wah and a sport has nothing to do with being popular or not i dont no where the hell u r gettin this shit from b.c a sport doesnt make u any more or less popular then u already r
by thatsright32 March 2, 2006
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The sport for girls with tiny tits to make up for it by being flexible
Damn, those cheerleaders are so lame.
by haha i'm funny January 20, 2010
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cheerleaders are... blah. sluts? yes. i think so. they need to get a life, stop being conceited, and have their mothers stay out of their damn business. cheerleaders are like dancers, just robots.
girl #1: not all cheerleaders are mean, rude, conceited, stuck up, and whores.
girl #2: yeah well have you been to my school?
girl #1: no..
girl #2: didn't think so.
by Melissa W. January 20, 2008
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Regular people who enjoy a sport that involves aspects such as tumbling, dancing, stunting, and sometimes cheering.

(Why is this such a big deal? Do you people actually care whether cheerleading is a sport or not? DOES IT MATTER TO YOU? So cheerleading makes such an impact on you that you waste time writing definitions of how it's not a sport?)
"Cheerleaders are mean and stupid."

Take out all the adjectives and what do you get?

That's all there is to it. They're people. Not canned food with labels. By generalizing people you don't know, you are allowing them to generalize you back.
by INeedSOURPATCH July 31, 2011
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There's many different types of cheerleading, here I will explain those types. Note: I am a cheerleader.
1) Sideline Cheerleading- a team of cheerleaders (often all female but can be coed) who cheer on a sports team. The sports team they often cheer for is basketball or football. This is where people refer to cheerleading as not a sport, but that doesn't mean its easy. Sideline cheerleading is not what you think, this is what you might be thinking it is "Oh yeah boys lets go team whoooooooo" NO. Sideline cheerleading involves jumps, stunts, and tumbling! Yes, gymnastics!

2) Competitive Cheerleading- a sport is a team that competes against others, therefore this makes COMPETITIVE cheerleading a SPORT. The competitions are very extreme and dangerous. Before you say that cheerleading is easy, try to go see a cheer gym's competition. Now I'm not talking about your local reciational gym. Anyways, schools at the middle, high & college level most often have competitive teams. They are very serious!
3) Allstar cheerleading- the best of the best. Go watch Califorina Allstars Smoed or Sting Ray Allstars orange, or Cheer Xtreme Senior Elite. Alllstar cheerleading ends their season with cheerleadig WORLDS. The worlds are the BEST allstar teams in the WORLD who go to disney world florida to compete. And this WORLDWIDE competition is on ESPN
Jake: Oh wow those cheerleaders really work hard!

Fletcher: Yeah I know man, you know that they beat us?
Jake: Beat us at what?
Fletcher: Didnt you hear, cheerleading is ranked the #1 most dangerous contact sport
Jake: oh wow man, where is football placed?
Fletcher: 2nd man.
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A sport that is a mixture of dance, trampoling and gymnastics.

Yes. I said "sport", even though I don't do it. And I'll tell you why.

I'm a 800 metre runner for my school. 800 metres takes me three minutes. How long does a routine take? Oh, wait, let's see. Three minutes. Those who say that it "doesn't last long enough to be considered a sport" shouldn't consider athletics one, either. But you do, don't you? So... well. That arguement doesn't work.

What about it's "not hard enough"? Well, weights is a sport, no? And cheerleading - proper, competitive cheerleading - includes weight-lifting, in the stunts, no?
You say "well, it's four people lifting one"... umm.. have you ever seen it? The weight is carried by two - the others are just for safety.
Also, my friend's coach and her do this stunt where it's just him holding up her. You can't say weights is a sport and cheerleading isn't.

How about when you say "it's just a bunch of girls screaming"... god, have you ever seen rounders? Whenever they score a rounder, they're all like, "AHH!! WELL DONEE!! OMG!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!" and clap and everything.

Umm.. to the dudes saying "all they do is flip a little" - well, gymnastics is just that, correct?

I have heard even lamer arguements, such as "jumping around a little isn't a sport!". What about high jump, long jump, triple jump and trampoling?

Or even - laugh my ass off - "only things that are against another team are sports." What about COMPETIVE cheerleading? This is the one my friend does. You - guess what - COMPETE against - can you even believe it? - OTHER TEAMS to try and - oh my god - WIN. ¬.¬'
My friend is a cheerleader! =)
Yes. She likes cheerleading.
by agb2001 June 20, 2009
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