1 definition by Bella Truscott

Actual athletes whom work hard at their sport and are dedicated. Cheerleaders are sometimes mistaken for slutty whores who jump around and shake their butts, but it's not like that. Cheerleaders have hours of practicing and training. They also don't only cheer for teams at football and basketball games. They go to nationals, compete with actual teams, and win trophies. Cheerleading is basically dance mixed with tumbling. Also, just because they wear skirts it doesn't make them sluts, field hockey players wear skirts and they're not considered sluts. And to some of you, if you hate cheerleading, why do you say cheerleaders are hot and watch them all the time?
Jealous Girl-Eww look at that stupid cheerleader.
Perv Guy- I hate cheerleading too, but she is so hot!
(Cheerleaders do a perfect scorpion full down)
Smart cheerleader-Yeah, cheerleaders must be stupid if they can learn stunts like that. And if you hate cheerleading, why are you watching them every minute?!?
by Bella Truscott October 21, 2007
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