Cheerleading is an intense physical activity (sometimes a competitive sport) using organized routines, usually ranging from one to three minutes, such as tumbling, dance, jumps, cheers, and stunting to direct spectators of events to cheer on sports teams at games and matches. Most high school cheerleaders have to keep at least a 3.5 to cheer. Competitve cheerleaders use both gymnastics skills, and dance skills to perform. Many people use do not know this and therefore think that cheerleaders are rude, inconsiderate, and slutty. This for the most part is not true.
Girl 1: Cheerleading is retarded.
Girl 2: No it's not. It is a highly competitve sport and the girls are very talented and can do things you never will.
by toeturtle141 June 24, 2010
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A SPORT so everyone that disagrees can shut up. Can YOU lift a 110 pound girl in the air above your head, then switch feet IN THE AIR and catch the other foot? Can you throw a girl about 20 feet in the air and then catch her? NO I didn't think so. Cheerleading takes practice and hard work and dedication. Yes it may only be 3 minutes but in that 3 minutes we do more than most of the other sports do in the whole game. We run, jump, stunt, tumble, and have to remember motions and counts. And if we get injured or anything, we ignore it and go on with what we're doing. If ANYONE in any other sport got hurt, they would stop in the middle of whatever they're doing and have the person sit out but in cheer we work through the pain because it is that important. Cheerleading is year round. We don't get an off season or whatever so we are practicing all the time. What other sport does that? NONE, except for gymnastics. We wear skirts or shorts, but it's just like basketball players wearing shorts. We wear what we wear because it makes sense with what we're doing. No sport wears jeans, long pants or anything because it would make it hard to do what you need to do. Volleyball players wear spandex and . It's not our fault we make it look easy, that's what our practices are for and thats why it's year round because we have to be PERFECT. We are catching people and so if we mess up we don't just drop some little ball, we drop a person.
boy #1: Those girls work really hard! What are they doing
boy #2: They're cheerleading! It's a really hard sport!
by cheerforliife September 10, 2011
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Simply a person that is either on a competitive cheer team or represents their school's cheerleading squad.
can be of any race or origin or any size.
although it is rare to see an obese cheerleader because dancing combined with gymnastics and stunting usually will help any person get in shape.

the typical "preppy ditzy slutty girl" label doesn't apply. i know plenty of girls that cheer and get great grades, dress different from abercrombie&fitch and all the other labels, and don't live to please guys in innapropriate matters.
I am a cheerleader on a competitive team at a local gym, but I do not cheer for my school.
by jbabyy293 July 11, 2008
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IS A SPORT. im tired of people saying its not a sport, because technically it is. and by the way if your in "colorguard" all your doing is waving a stupid flag. so if you think cheerladings not a sport your wrong. cheerleaders do HARD WORK. such as gymnastics. can you do a back handspring? back tuck? nah...didnt think so. can you be thrown/throw someone up in the air and catch them with PERFECT techniqe? nah...didnt think so. can you remember multiple cheers chants and dance routines along with motions and ripples? and do them all loud, clear, and perfect along side of many others? nah...didnt think so. cheerleaders ARE athletes. were in great physical shape and are flexiable. everybody else is just jealous because guys LIKE cheerleaders. so they need to have a reality check, just because YOU cant do it doesnt mean its not a sport. and im SO tired of the dumb blonde cheerleader sterotype. YES i am blonde and YES i am an accomplished cheerleader but NO im not stupid. im taking ALL HONORS CLASSES okay? so get over the movies and books and look at whats real. cheerleading IS a sport!! and we look cute while doing it ;) we support the other teams AND go to competitons. just because we wear skirts doesnt makes us sluts. tennis players wear skirts for goodness sake. and cheerleading requires determination and will power! so stop hating and realize how stupid you look.
Guy 1: dude, cheerleaders are SO hot.
Guy 2: i know man, i know.

Girl 1: i wish i was a cheerleader.
Girl 2: haha yeah right, you aint got what it takes.

Cheerleader 1: i love cheerleading!
Cheerleader 2: omg me too! its the best SPORT ever!
by cheer_dance_life♥ August 30, 2010
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i understand how people would think that cheerleaders are sluts and bitches and whatnot, cus most of them are. being a cheerleader myself, at competitions,i have seen girls that fit this stereotype, and it is true that being around them is quite unpleasant, scratch that, I WANT TO FUCKING PUNCH THEM IN THE FUCKING NOSE. but for the other girls, we are very nice girls who just enjoy dancing, and all those other slutty and bitchy girls are just giving cheerleaders a bad name.
i used to think that cheerleaders were sluts, whores, and stuck up bitches, cus thats what people led me to belive, but after joining cheer myself, i have come to realize that not all cheer squads are like that. and the only reason why people see cheerleaders hanging out in a clique is because we practice everyday, about 2 times a day, and we spend the most time together, so who else are we gunna be close to? but even then, cheerleaders have a lot of friends outside of cheer. so to all those people who judge cheerleaders just because theyre cheerleaders, just take a second to get to know them before you assume the worst.
not all cheerleaders are bitches, but most are.
by lindseyn. January 4, 2008
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A person involved in cheerleading. The sporting activity, while negatively associated with unfavorable male and female personalities, demands rigorous athleticism, spirit, and team-work.

Cheerleading shown on ESPN is an extreme example of the athleticism. While most squads aren't competitive (i.e., co-ed partner stunts, gymnastics, etc.), more work goes into a good squad than just looking cute and sleeping around. (For bad squads, see shit.)

However, it seems a high percentage of perky, pretty girls fall under the category of slut. Unfortunate for the cheerleading world. Quite a good deal for the guys.

In defense of cheerleaders, though, there are cool ones out there with real personalities and real goals in life. Don't let the stereotypes fool you.
Our male cheerleaders are some of the strongest guys I've ever met. And also some of the most horribly perverted and straight guys at that. Think about it, though. Girls in tight clothing and skirts, and you get to touch them. Now that's a contact sport.

Can you believe that our class valedictorian was a cheerleader? And that her parents' combined income is only $34,000? I don't even know.
by Lyndsi September 27, 2005
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someone who wears a uniform, which is usually skirt and top, and cheer for thier schools team at games. sometimes go to competitions against other squads.
See that girl with the pom-poms? Shes a cheerleader.
by PreppyGirl October 31, 2003
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