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A ched is someone of Mexican origins that dresses in very ranch like clothing.A ched drives a lowered truck and dances more then they work.
That ched just passed me in his lowered truck
by coolsaslaoma62 February 23, 2018
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British slang term for a common strain of cannabis known as 'Cheese' (abbreviated from the word 'cheddar')
'Yo man that's some peng ched, who'd you get it from?'
by aiidenmayy October 31, 2017
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baseball pitch thrown with accelerated velocity; fastball
"Man, that pitcher is bringing it! He's throwing some serious ched!"
by BigBlue92 December 19, 2013
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A Ched is a derogatory term used mostly by people that are Mexicans themselves that live in places like California or Texas, though not exclusively. It is meant to be significantly more light hearted than terms like Spic, Greaser, Wetback and other slurs.

It refers to someone who is like a Mexican stereotype, but only if the person is not living in Mexico itself. Examples may include someone who Speaks Spanish only or broken English, boot wearer, large hat, watches Futbol/Soccer, and goes to parties where they blast Mexican music.

It's meant to poke fun at Mexicans, usually immigrants and or their kids, who fail to or refuse to assimilate in the US.

It may also be used to describe Mexican music, food, culture. In rare occasions it can refer to a Mexican person in general, regardless of how assimilated that person is.
Those group of kids are such cheds, they speak to each other only in Spanish and always talk about la Liga MX.

Did you listen to that new album by Los Tucanes de Tijuana?
No, I dont like Ched music.

My group of friends and I were probably the only cheds at my University, everyone else was White or Asian!
by AT0873 March 06, 2019
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A term for a ghetto Mexican who exhibits rude behavior and attitude. Mainly used in Southern California.
Bro did you see those cheds steal his wallet?
by Wade Kent October 15, 2017
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this word can describe how u feel or can describe how something looks
Aye you see that girl over there, she look ched.

Hello how are you doing today, I'm ched
by davon stealer June 30, 2010
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