a mixture of the word "chat" and "dead" and it means that the chat is dead and yeah um yeah
people in chat: *stops talking*
person 1: ched
by mr tally man June 11, 2020
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British slang term for a common strain of cannabis known as 'Cheese' (abbreviated from the word 'cheddar')
'Yo man that's some peng ched, who'd you get it from?'
by aiidenmayy October 31, 2017
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a new chavvy term meaning 'cold'
nahhh, mate, its ched in here!
by B10nDi3 November 24, 2010
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baseball pitch thrown with accelerated velocity; fastball
"Man, that pitcher is bringing it! He's throwing some serious ched!"
by BigBlue92 December 19, 2013
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this word can describe how u feel or can describe how something looks
Aye you see that girl over there, she look ched.

Hello how are you doing today, I'm ched
by davon stealer June 30, 2010
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a portmanteau for chat dead; used when a groupchat has been quiet regardless of how long it's been quiet for
Person 1: ched
Person 2: it's been 2 minutes since the last message you dunce

"Hm, it's pretty ched in here. I better send something to spice it up."
by Inregium November 21, 2020
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Someone who would sleep on a bed made out of multiple chairs
Did you see where Jake slept last night?" "What a ched.
by Tim Tebrow January 6, 2011
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