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British slang term for a common strain of cannabis known as 'Cheese' (abbreviated from the word 'cheddar')
'Yo man that's some peng ched, who'd you get it from?'
by aiidenmayy October 31, 2017
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A ched is someone of Mexican origins that dresses in very ranch like clothing.A ched drives a lowered truck and dances more then they work.
That ched just passed me in his lowered truck
by coolsaslaoma62 February 22, 2018
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Being "ched" or "cheddarized" refers to the act of being extremely fuckin pissed off. It can be derived from the word "cheesed".
yo u see that bucktee over there, he lookin ched asf
by Big Looch May 08, 2018
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A ched is someone of Mexican origin that dresses in excessive ranch-like clothing. A ched also drives a lowered truck, plays loud, excessive mexican music, dances/ goes out to parties more than they work, and are tremendously annoying in school when wearing their boots.

Instead of focusing on schoolwork, they tend to stick their noses to their phones and text each other about the upcoming Quinceañera they are going to go to without a formal invite. Male cheds usually have horrid grades, boast too much, and in order to date the girl of their most recent wet dream, they turn mandilon. Female cheds tend to wear an excessive amount of makeup, ignore any boy that isn't ched, have a huge ego, and blow any male ched within a 10 ft radius.
That group of kids are such cheds. They speak to each other only in Spanish and always talk mad shit about someone knowing that said person will never find out what they are talking about.
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by SpittinStr8Fax October 14, 2019
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a new chavvy term meaning 'cold'
nahhh, mate, its ched in here!
by B10nDi3 November 24, 2010
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A ched is an informal term used to refer to feet. This term is most commonly used at 4 in the morning baked off your tits on an inflatable mattress in your mates gaff.
Wilf, stop touching my cheds!”
“Did you see the cheds on that bird👀”
“Mans got the pengest cheds”
“My Mum walked in on me sucking her cheds”
by wilfhaspengcheds November 17, 2019
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