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A type of person with no real skills at all. Normally has an extremely small penis and low self esteem
That goalie who lost the soccer game was a complete and utter chean.
by G-sleazy June 16, 2018
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regional to South Florida, cheans is the hybrid of jeans and chancletas. A word coined by Denise F. of Yelp Miami.
"this is the type of restaurant where you can feel comfortable wearing Cheans"
by GGins June 15, 2009
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Money, freddachinni,breadachinni,dollars
Yo I need some cheann
by Goose716 January 31, 2018
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buy the domain for your cat vlog
got beans?
got cheese?

got cheans!!!!

a chean in its singular form is a single bean and a single cheese.
cheans are legendarily mixed with chips to creat an ubermeal known as chips and cheans
by ninja_pirate February 07, 2006
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