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The most kick ass town in Canada. Has a population of less than 400 and is home of some of the coolest people in the world!

pronounciation (shaw-vin)

not to be confused with a chauvinist,(show-vin-ist)
person 1: "dude are you from chauvin?"

person 2: "naw, im from some gay ass city"

person 1: "fag"
by KennyMcCormickRox February 06, 2010
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A useless piece of southern fried dipshit. Frequents craigslist for m4m encounters. Fierce anal warts.
That guy is sure a Chauvin for not showing up to work and claiming to be "under the weather" after drinking a bottle of tequila the night before.

He is sure being a Chauvin with that fat wang in his mouth.

It is a Chauvin tradition to toss your salad.

The predator on Datline NBC is sure a Chauvin for trying to molest young boys.
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