Male For Male.

Can be used in a variety of contexts; such as in dating (would mean men seeking men to date), more *explicit* asmr's (would mean the asmr was voiced by a man with the intended audience being men), etc.

Same meaning as m4f, f4m, m4a, f4a, f4f but with the genders being male and male
"ASMR | m4m"
by user37456978386736592716 July 23, 2021
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Abbreviation for men seeking men in an online chat room.
by Chris September 11, 2003
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Message for Message.
Used on MySpace.
Sending messages then in return Getting a messages back.
Related to w4w c4c and pc4pc.
by Makayla Sheriff November 21, 2007
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short for "male for male"; means some things in between two men.
"Asmr (18+) (M4M) *not for ages below 18*"
by (no_one) January 24, 2022
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Max For Max - When players on the Facebook application YoVille max out their coins. One player will max out the others coins if they do the same.
by NeonNationDotNet October 7, 2009
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Made for More
Karen is just wasting her life away. She is totally m4m.
by Crazy Keoni July 22, 2020
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short for muzik 4 machines, a minimal electro house band from montreal
M4M - jamming with the machines
by tba03 January 4, 2009
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