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To murder someone by suppressing their ability to breath.
Don't Chauvin me, bro
by Gord M. April 01, 2021

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HILF - Husband I'd Like to Fuck
1) Cougars (middle aged single Women on the prowl) call an attractive married man a HILF for casual sexual encounters without commitments or further expectations.

2) Younger females use the term to represent a married man that would provide material possessions (a.k.a. a sugar Daddy) without long term commitments.
Hey, check out that HILF over there at the bar!
by Gord M. January 03, 2008

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Abuse of Pain Management prescription medicine
Tiger Wood's crashed his SUV in California after enjoying too many Devil's Smarties on Feb. 23rd 2021.
by Gord M. February 23, 2021

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