Chaudhary is a special kind of man, even if sometimes annoying he will be a kind and good friend. He is friendly and likes to do childish stuff. He is loyal and always cares about others.
Man: Did you see that guy? He was so kind!
Man 2: Yeah, his name is Chaudhary
by JohanIsASimp December 27, 2021
A cool branch of brown people who are from India. They are Gujarati and don't like patels.

They are good looking, smart, fair, have charisma and are funny.
"I don't like patels."
"Are you Chaudhari?"
by yourdesigirl May 11, 2010
An Indian who is usually a very smart business person
Chaudhari's know how to make money
Man that Chaudhari's always drive BMWs
by YourDesiGuy June 16, 2019
Someone who loves, gives and lives. Someone who makes everyone smile. Someone who is alive and makes things around him come alive. I love him
by Wifey September 8, 2004
A misunderstood genius, wanted to be a teacher and stuck up being a doctor and will try to do something in civil services.
by Divine10 November 23, 2021
Did you mean Mawad Chaudhary?
Fawad Chaudhary, also known as "Injineer Fawad" is the Scaaynce and Taklogy Minister of parody nation Pakistan.
He never fails to surprise us with his inventions, of which he derives inspiration from a 7th Century Arabic book called "asmani kitaab"
He's indeed a funny potato
Fawad Chaudhary advices his children to eat cement instead of soil, so that they can firm their foundations.
by Twitter@Pak_Taklogy November 21, 2020
Is a slang term used by individuals to refer to "one who over-thinks and worries." A "Raghav" tends to lack common sense but is a firm believer of Devinderism. A "Raghav" is generally not religious. The term "Raghav" can also be used to describe a man who over eats.
Stop stressing and over-thinking, you are being such a Raghav Chaudhary.
by Terema December 6, 2010