A Stupid Fucking Game Where You Put Two Pencils Onto A Piece Of Paper And Watch To See If They Move. Most Commonly Played By Retards In Elementary Through Middle School.
"Woah dude, have you heard of Charlie Charlie? It's that one game where you FUCKING STARE AT PENCILS. DOESN'T THAT SOUND FUN???"
by DudeManBroManGuy June 17, 2015
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may be known as charlie challenge

a game where some group of retards decide to stack some pencils and think its real

then i walk along and ask if i can join
when they ask a question like
"are you there?"
i blow the pencil but it looks like im just watching
then after someone finds out i rip the fucking paper and yell that they are all retarded
fuck off charlie charlie is fucking retarded
by Kyle,that random guy. December 1, 2017
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A marvelous nymph in human form. An absolutely gorgeous, caring, yet sassy girl with an intuitive hunch on how to get to the heart of things.

Some may discredit her by saying she's funnier than Jeff Dunham, but they are missing out on this true genius.

Besides her open and caring nature, she can also be harsh on herself being cared by others because of her manifold inner world.

Her words are as well-spoken as off the wall and will inspire you.
If you are lucky enough to date one make sure to grab onto that chance.
„It‘s that otherworldly Charly“
by seaborn7 April 22, 2022
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A truly unique human being. His friends are truly lucky to know him. He may tend to believe he doesn’t have many true friends, but little does he know how many people admire, care for, and think about him. He is loved by many, although he may not believe it. He is caring, compassionate, understanding, and one of the most selfless kinds of people to walk the earth. You would be lucky to know Charlie, and if you are privileged enough to be able to, you will thank your lucky stars ever single day. He has a strange affiliation to waffles, and is endearingly funny. He is charming, gentle, and kind. If there were more Charlie’s in the world, it would truly be a much lovelier place. Charlie is the jewel of the earth.
“I’d sell an arm and a leg and also probably a kidney just to live another lifetime with Charlie.”

“You know Charlie? I wish I was so lucky.”
by charmie stan July 15, 2021
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Very handsome guy with gorgeous eyes. He’s quiet and mysterious. But cute, warm, and cuddly. Charly will always make you smile and you will love his sense of humour.

He is the best travel companion. He’s spontaneous, adventurous, and fun. You always make unforgettable memories when you’re with him.

He is also an amazing listener and gives the best hugs. Knowing Charly makes you the luckiest person on earth.
I always have the best time being with Charly
by Nluvsc January 29, 2020
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If you can find a Charlie, you won't want to loose her. She is the most loyal, friendly and just all round amazing. On your darkest days she will make them shine so bright you will be blinded. When she walks into to a room she radiates. No one can ever hate her, she is just too damn nice. She is absolutely stunning and you can't take your eyes off her. She loves and cares for each and every single person that she meets. The first time you meet her you will not be able to let go of her. She has the most beautiful eyes and smile in the world, and she is the best person to hug in the world. Keep her close to you heart and never loose her. Love her, and take a bullet for her.
"wow she has the best smile, she must be a Charli"
by fbruiewjk May 2, 2018
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Sugar, powder, snow, the special dust, Daddy’s special nose medicine.

One day an Irishman caught his son snorting Charlie. He said “If you don’t stop snorting that shit I’ll rub your fuckin’ nose in.
by no one pays attention to this October 26, 2017
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