An extremely selfish guy, everything he does is for his benefit and his benefit only. He doesn't care about others feelings, only about his own. Never believe any promises he makes, as he is very likely to break them according to his liking. But watch out because he knows how to sweet talk. He almost always gets what he wants, and he is very proud of it. He must enjoy breaking girls hearts.
Yeah, Charles will just break her heart too
by full of smiles September 26, 2010
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a pronoun used in place of a persons real name when one doesn't know the name, is too lazy to say the name, or just wants to say charles. Is often used in conjuction with curse words and/or words describing a woman's attributes.

Commonplace at WT Woodson HS in NoVA
SHit! Look at those bitches titties charles.


Naw, fuck that shit charles you know im too lazy.
by the cause February 13, 2007
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'The Charles of the group' is the reject, the one guy friend-zoned by everyone. In every group of people there is a 'Charles'
"Ohh that guy is totally the Charles of the group."
by Swiggty_swag October 07, 2013
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Completely dysfunctional, alcoholic, drug-addicted, psychotic cretin who frequents Internet chat sites using proxies to prevent the site owner/s being able to track down their identity, thus enabling a feeling of security when contacting decent members with all manner of gross/sick messages.
Ugh! I've just had some creep do a Charles on me in the chat room!
by Rotogravure December 07, 2010
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known to the Japanese as an oroka ojiisama. In English, a handsome son of a batch of cookies that you can't take your hands off of but for some unexplainable reason doesn't know how to stop taking painkillers
That Charles over there was chewing on excedrin like gum!
by Dorei1234 December 12, 2008
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v. To vomit, or chuck up, part or all of the contents of the stomach through the mouth, usually in a series of involuntary spasmic movements.
1. I ate so much I had to charles in the toilet.

2. OMG! Somebody's charlesed up all over the toilet floor!
by Captain Ferk April 20, 2011
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Charles is a name commonly given to males. It is the moniker of men that exemplify strength, love, kinsmanship and nobility.

There is rarely if ever a spirit of fear around men named Charles; more commonly there is a spirit of power, love and wisdom.

One who has a sound mind.
Everyone needs a Charles in their life.
by II Timothy April 11, 2011
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