A girl who is creative and funny, she is very athletic and loves sports but also loves her friends and family, she does not think she is pretty but everyone else says she’s perfect, she wants to have someone to cuddle with and wear their hoodies and kiss them, but she is so shy around everyone she could even possibly have a chance with. But the people she is close with love her and think she is so funny. She is quiet at first but when you get to know her you love her more than anything she would do anything for her friends she is not a girl who would hu with any guy she wants the perfect guy to live her and care about her
I love Charla so much
by Wooderlockings November 26, 2018
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incredibly sexy girl with a latin ass and a talent in artistic expression and manipulation.
Check out that Charla girl.
Dude, your babe's a Charla!
by Donk-E-Donk October 8, 2008
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A name given to an ogre like creature residing in high farm Newcastle. A charla is a big man usually with red or auburn hair. Said charlas red hair is usually wore in a wet look quiff fashion which is why he is most notably known for getting a huge amount of girls.
"Am gana be sick charla"

"Wish i could just thumbs up girls in a nightclub and be like my idol charla!"
by HowdonTeacake February 20, 2020
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A beautiful intelligent lady with the sweetest personality , but don't take shit from anyone . she is the meanest nicest person your ever meet , her beauty is undefined , its remarkable.
She beautiful like a charlae
Smart like a charlae
by Flawlessly December 18, 2016
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an occurence one would consider fore-play leading up to kissing, petting and/or slight dry-humping which includes the likes of massaging, scratching, nibbling, hand-holding/grazing and spooning while maintaining the wherewithall of refraining from sexual relations.
So my budding charla breve'd that girl last night during the movie.
by dphavoc August 24, 2008
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