The literal word comes from the French, and it means 'hat'.

Aside from meaning 'hat' it is also used when giving someone respect, a short way of saying 'hat off' or 'I'm so impressed, I take my hat off'.
I can swim 600 feet under water

Chapeau! Something I'd never be able to do even with training!
by Fukaface! January 25, 2011
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In the land of the frogs, 'chapeau' translates to 'hat.' To say 'Chapeau!' is to metaphorically take one's hat off to one's peer(s).

'Chapeau!' can have meanings as varied as 'Hello!'; 'Yes'; and 'Well done!' Either way, it must only be used in the presence of those in whom you hold high esteem; in other words, only in the presence of true scholars and not that of the so-called 'yobs.'
STUDENT: '... and that it why the Weimar Republic collapsed.'

TEACHER: 'Chapeau! What a thesis!'


FRIEND 1: 'Salutations Mr. X! How are you today?'

FRIEND 2: 'Ah, yes, what a pleasure it is to encounter you again. *COUGHS* Chapeau!'
by ChappyChappy-eau October 16, 2019
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chapeau is a French term that means hat.
but chapeau! "by adding an Exclamation mark" is usually used to express appreciation, admiration, approval or respect
It's like when you say:
Kudos! I take my hat off to you! Well done! Hats off! or My hat's off to you
person 1 : that's all. and finally I hope you like my ideas for the new project.
person 2 : chapeau! I'm speechless.
by angel17 January 20, 2010
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Hat, Quebec. An isolated island in Quebec little men with hairy bacskides roam the countryside. There are documented cases of Chapeau's citizens moving to the big city, but they have generally failed to urbanize.
GUY! I is be for to go to my broders trailer in dats Chapeau, Quebec dis weekends!
by Julios "forkliff" Melandras November 29, 2004
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