Used to address someone as overly, extraordinarily multi talented, usually accompanied by a handsome face.
"Woah! That gutarist is sooo Chanyeol, he's so good!"
by pcymybias October 07, 2018
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A name typically given to a korean boy. He has a larger than life character, he loves to make people laugh.
First impression of Chanyeol is that he is someone with a very cute appearance, but once he starts talking everyone will realise his personality is exaggerated and his very OTT with his reaction. His voice is also deeper than what his face lets on, therefore this may shock certain people.
He is a prankster and loves making people laugh, he also loves singing loudly in the car much to the expense of his friends but he will always have a partner in crime, helping him be extra loud.
Chanyeol is a very cute boy and can instantly befriend anyone.
by lalaland9592 June 10, 2013
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The hottest man ever exist on earth. He can sometimes be a cute boy to sexy guy to kinky daddy. Perfect well built body ans no one can resists him. Sometimes can be very playful sometimes can be sexy. He is the definition of perfect man.
Friend: What is your type of man?
Me: Chanyeol
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A tall alien who comes from a planet called Exo.
He has a baby face and a deep voice. He often looks like a creep with his wide eyes and smile. His right eye half closes whenever he smiles or laughs. He also has noodle/poodle hair.

He is easily entertained. Hypermaniacly laughing at things like his alien friend's aegyo or his own face on a cracker package. When laughing his face will scrunch up in excitement and he will continuously hit his legs or arms and/or put his fist in his widely opened mouth. And don't forget about his half closed right eye. His laugh is contagious, causing others to laugh too.

He can disguise himself easily, whether it be changing his hairstyle or looking serious or sexy.

Nicknamed as: Derpyeol, Eggyeol/Eggyeolk, Creepyeol, Happy Virus.
Chanyeol is ruining my bias list!

I wish I had an Absolute Chanyeol.

Chanyeol and Baekhyun 5ever!
by Pieyeol June 04, 2012
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"a boy who loves himself and his fucking big ass arms. he laughs loud n looks like he's in pain when it's too funny and smacks the shit out of his friends (i'd let him smack me if u get my vibe) and he's whipped for all his group members. he dresses like a tired college student half the time but his wardrobe costs more than my own house and he has so many talents such as guitar playing, drum playing, music producing, rapping, n singing. homie is more than chogiwa n baekyeol. n thats the tea"
"fuck, who's that beautiful man over there?"
"oh him? that's chanyeol, he's perfect isn't he."
by aidensrk September 21, 2018
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A homosexually frustrated young man at everything Baekhyun does.
damn Chanyeol popped a boner again just seeing Baekhyun bite his fingers
by chanyeolswhore June 23, 2017
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