It's a little korean word that unite EXO Ls from all over the world. It's the first word from a really popular EXO song WOLF- (which everybody says they hate- but secretly listens to it every night before going to bed) To most EXO Ls 'Chogiwa' might mean the word "Wolf" in Korean because of the word's association with EXO's WOLF, however it actually does NOT mean 'wolf'. When rapper- Chanyeol goes CHOGIWAA- it can have a variety of meanings to all EXO Ls. For example: it might mean to them that EXO snatching all number one places in all music shows.
"Ya know EXO's not even tha-"
"If thee shall not chogiwa, then thou shall not fucks with thee"
by caleo 4ever April 6, 2017
Chogiwa is a Korean word, ( 초기와 in Hangul), but it's meaning is referred to as "WOLF" by EXO-Ls because it is the first word of EXO's song, WOLF. Lots of fans use the word whenever they feel like it, it's like a signal to all EXO-Ls in radar and immediately anyone who knows the word will know that you're a fan of EXO (which will lead to a BIG friendship)

Feel free to watch the music video and have the word stuck in your head FOREVER ^^
Don't touch that chogiwa, it might bite you!
by leeshoeman December 9, 2016
A word that can be used anytime, anywhere and anyhow. It can be used with any expressions. It is also useful when you are feeling awkward and have no idea what to say. You can also create words using chogiwa. It is called the Chogivocab.
examples of different times you can use chogiwa
When angry : CHOGIWA !
When sad :
When annoyed : chogiwa
Do not hesitate or fear to try using chogiwa at anytime, anywhere or anyhow ! Remember to say chogiwa with different tonations !
by 초기와 December 4, 2017
A word created by two lesbians to summon a gaylien, as well as the name of this specific gaylien. The original creator goes by Alice, Satan's #1 agent.
I'm bored, let's summon Chogiwa.

Chogiwa, want some coffee?
by xHunterxXx December 11, 2021