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A name typically given to a korean boy. He has a larger than life character, he loves to make people laugh.
First impression of Chanyeol is that he is someone with a very cute appearance, but once he starts talking everyone will realise his personality is exaggerated and his very OTT with his reaction. His voice is also deeper than what his face lets on, therefore this may shock certain people.
He is a prankster and loves making people laugh, he also loves singing loudly in the car much to the expense of his friends but he will always have a partner in crime, helping him be extra loud.
Chanyeol is a very cute boy and can instantly befriend anyone.
by lalaland9592 June 10, 2013
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An amazing girl who is shy and demure.
But under that shy exterior , she is fun and loving and has the ability to make people laugh instantly.
She likes fantasy novels and enjoys learning about different cultures ESPECIALLY asian.
One word to describe her is perfect.
Nasima is just pretty darn amazing, thats all everyone needs to know
by lalaland9592 June 10, 2013
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