a combination of chunky and skanky. In other words, nasty.
The tuna fish sandwich was sitting in the sun all day so it was too chanky to eat.

Her puss was a little chanky because she had sex with 3 homeless guys while she had a yeast infection.
by Lila March 04, 2004
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or chank:
a substitution for any word you want.
or a cross between cool and dank
i will chank your head off.
That is so chanky
by mvhsc February 13, 2008
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Adj. foul, unpalatable, noisome, malodourous, Slang. Corruption of Chancreous, from middle English/French Chancre,(n.) sore or boil. related words, canker, cancer.
Best be quick, the dunny is pretty Chanky.
by Dan Towse August 16, 2004
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Chanky is an adjective to be used whenever somebody or something is both chunky and skanky
Fat people eating fried chicken from the box-o-chicken shop are well chanky
by henderson_jg November 04, 2007
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