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Chane is the name of a really awesome dude. Usually they're sarcastic, over enthusiastic, and kind of a smart ass, but generally they're fun to hang out with.
Person 1: Hi Chane!

Chane: HI!!!

Person 1: Do you want to hang out?

Chane: No I'm too busy not hanging out with you.
by captainawesome1234 March 08, 2011
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This is a name for a beautiful with too many insecurities. She sees many things wrong with her when in truth she is flawless. Chané is originated in France (according to Google).

Chané's are usually girls with big green eyes and brown hair. They are very kind hearted. They are a treasure. They make for the bestest of best friends. If you get a Chané to like you more than a friend you should feel blessed because they have some serious trust issues when it comes to love.

If you find a Chané never let her go. And don't get on her bad side... You might not get back to the good side.
"Wooww that girl is REALLY pretty but why does she seem so shy?"
"Ahh You know that's just Chané being Chané. Not seeing how perf she is"
by Gfeiwrjwkfjdj May 13, 2019
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