The most retarded kid you will ever meet. He's annoying and immature but has such a nice personality. He doesn't take opportunities when they're there especially with girls. He likes to think he's not shallow but definitely is. He hides certain things because he's embarrassed of what people will think. He is still a great guy. He's loyal, funny,handsome, and smart.
I didn't like Chance until I got to know him.
by Unicorn know it all March 22, 2019
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An amazing guy who will help anybody and is an amazing person overall. Very charming and funny and loves to have a good time.
Everybody needs a chance in their life
by Wowzers_1122 February 15, 2020
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Is the best guy you’ll ever come across. He will make you fall in love with him with his goofy attitude. He will love you for all you are. This is a guy you should wanna spend the rest of you life with. He will care for you and make you happy and will keep bugging you when you are upset. He’s a kind hearted guy who deserves the best. If you ever find a chance you will be lucky if you can call him your boyfriend. He’s funny caring hot sweet gives good kisses and will always be there for you.
Chance is a great guy.
by Jane doe🥺 February 09, 2020
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A word used to say no or false. Largely used in areas of large ethnic populations, mostly African-Americans in the major cities of America.

Usually used in context of friendly manner, but can be used in a violent manner
Billy: Dude, I just lost my virginity!
Quantavius: Chance, Lyin' B*tch!
by yoyo supbrotemp April 14, 2011
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The most awesomely funny girl you will ever meet. She so funny people just pee there panties when she speaks and its not coz she has a funny voice its coz everything she says is funny. She has MILLIONS of friends and they all beg her to speak when shes not. She has great fashion sense and excellent taste in music. She is very fun to be with and one day she will be moderately rich and live in a big house with all her close friends and her gorgeous bnoyfriend
Wow, It's Chance Quick Get a pen i need and autograph!
by MC Carlito horatio Smith February 20, 2009
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Chance is an amazing person everybody loves he enjoys his music and his friends he is always loyal to his girlfriend and and has a pretty big dick he has a ton of crazy energy and loves to chill he has bad side too he is more of a dog person and lives to smoke weed he very honest and a very lovable person and he is the funniest kid ever
Everyone: omg we love chance he is so amazing
by Crazytacco July 01, 2018
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