He smokes, teaches without a shirt on, vapes on the job and has arabian chest hair.
"Look it's arabian chest hair it must've escaped from mr. chan"
by Monkey Flab March 28, 2017
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The most boring-ass teacher in existance. He hands out projects that don't have anything to do with what we're learning, and if we finish too fast, he'll give us another one. He makes us watch retarded videos. He is the most retarded teacher on Earth.
Mr. Chan's classes are so boring and retarded.
by Bully Bitch May 24, 2016
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mr chan is a religious chinese IT teacher. he masturbates to jesus, and then jesus fucked him with a crucifix. the crucifix got stuck and mr dennington came along and sucked his cock. then they killed jesus when they jizzed on him and he died. oh no! the end
god: jesus my g does mr chan deserve to go to heaven?
jesus: he sucked my dick so hell yea
by domwithadick January 23, 2018
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Mr Chan Is a goated latin teacher even though Im pretty sure he suffers from clinical depression.
Dam bruh mr chan has been really sad lately, I wonder if its cuz his job sucks or maybe its cuz his students drive him nuts.
by 1999 Toyota Corolla October 4, 2022
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