A very sweet and caring individual who always puts others first. A trustwirthy friend and a devoted lover. Very attractive and one of a kind that many people are jealous of, and enjoys quoting borat.
by mojovic January 02, 2011
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Chad is chad and I'll chad you.
Man 1: 'That girl over there is chad.'
Man 2: 'Yeah, I'd chad the life out of her, for her.'
by Vondisco8888 May 24, 2011
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A very loving guy who will always have you're back. Despite the shit he normally gets, he takes it because what doesn't kill him makes him stronger. Possibly nerdy (often ridiculously) but it's lovable. Quite often a big teddy bear. Can be very relaxed, not a lot phases him. A Chad has quite a thirst for life, loves to laugh and sticks with his friends till the end.
That guy over there, Chad, is my best friend and my true Bro.
by For the cool chads April 03, 2012
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To exploit or cheat, in games or relationships.

Online derivative of Chav.
Tim: I have the highest kills on this map, I have been camped at this spawn point for about 20 minutes now just popping them as they re-spawn. I am so awesome!

Jim: You are such a Chad...
by Anonomnom February 05, 2010
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Chad is an extremely good looking man. He's confident sexy, typically good muscle tone with an impeccable sense of style. He is idolized by many and hated by those who are jealous of his warm compassionate traits. Many men wish they could be a Chad. He is excellent in bed with a huge satisfying penis. Women love there Chad's which make many green with envy and burn with rage, wishing they possessed all he has been blessed with. If your a Chad, I hate you, you lucky bastard.
Your the Chadinator in the bedroom, the Chad.

I want to be a Chad, once I'm a man.

She had "the Chad" last night and I heard he was an animal.

All Chad's are sexy. What a strange phenomenon.
by Joyed atone May 26, 2012
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adj. used as a derogatory term towards others. used on someone being a dickhead or someone being a cockey asshole. also someone who is a huge loser.

verb. continually dropping the ball. pissing everyone off. screwing up really bad.
adj. "stop being such a chad" "what's up chad" "he was beign a total chad" "that guy is a huge chad"

verb. "you chaded yourself pretty hard" "he wouldn't stop chading at the party" "he pulled a huge chad"
by slim change August 09, 2006
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Chad another term for chronic dope mary jane weed grass pot and so on.
"YO niggah pass me da chad."
"Is chad here?"
"Are we chillin with chad?
"bitch wheres my chad?!"
by sd45f4g4545fd4h454dfhpuyyse April 08, 2007
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