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acne on the chest. Other non-facial variants include necne (neck acne), butne (butt acne) and bacne.
i can't wear that shirt, the neckline is way low and i have horrible chacne.
by mo-a February 08, 2005
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When one has an exorbitant amount of acne on their chest.
Did you see Britney Spears' chacne when she was on the VMA's?
by Celebinsider February 02, 2009
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pronounced: chack-nee. pimples and acne located between the bottom the lip and the chin. Also can be located at the corners of the mouth and down and around the chin.
you're sitting in the airport and a girl walks by with some bumpy redness about the chin. So you exclaim to you companion, "Damn! ol girl got some serious CHACNE!"
by erin andrews September 15, 2009
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chin-acne aka chacne
occurs from excessive greasy eating or protein
Look at that CHACNE, they need to do something about that.
by Stridex February 25, 2005
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