1. A pretty blue color made by the Crayola Crayon Company.

The name "Cerulean" comes from Latin caelum = sky (this is the most likely source).

Discovered in 1805 by Andreas Höpfner, the pigment originally referred to as cerulean blue (or corruleum blue) was first marketed in 1860 as "coeruleum" by George Rowney of the United Kingdom. The primary chemical constituent of the pigment is cobalt(II) stannate.

2. The color usually used to describe Naruto Uzumaki's (from the Japanese animation NARUTO by Kishimoto Masashi) eye color.
1. The painter used cerulean blue for her skies, because it lacked any green hues and retained it's color the best of any other blues she had.

2. Aaa, his cerulean blue eyes just devour your soul ♥
by kuki sanban January 12, 2009
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The color of Matt's room. Also a color located in a 96 box of Crayola crayons. It's a very nice shade of blue that both males and females of all ages will enjoy. Depending on your size you may or may not enjoy the color cerulean as much. Usually the color is a color of hope and determination for adolescents when addressing their feelings.
Wow that shirt is so cerulean. When I look at her, I get a sense of cerulean running inside of me. Totally bro.
by Natasha Tobias September 11, 2013
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An amazing and attractive color very much like teal.
"Man, the ocean is a beautiful shade of cerulean today."
by gzuzfreak May 28, 2008
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Cerulean blue is by far the best crayola crayon color. It is a bright blue hue, and can be used to create startling depictions of the ocean, the american flag, and blue man group.

It can describe mood as well

In classical times, cerulean was used to describe blue pigments, particularly mixtures of copper and cobaltous oxides.

The first recorded use of cerulean as a color name in English was in 1590.1 The word is probably derived from the Latin word caeruleus, "dark blue, blue or blue-green", which in turn probably derives from caelulum, diminutive of caelum, "heaven, sky".2

"why do you look so cerulean, man?"

"cookie monster is not as cerulean blue as you think he is!"
by coen625 April 07, 2009
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Another name for blue balls,
the dull pain caused by abruptly stopping sexual actions.
This is often used to sound smarter in front of someone who doesn't know better. Also used in front of women, so they don't catch on to what you are saying.
Friend 1: I just got Cerulean Orbs
Friend 2: Man! that sucks
Girl 1: What is that?
by NINJuhh December 01, 2009
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A danganronpa roblox game, don't join here if you're a heterosexual.
" Hey, are you in the Cerulean Skies discord server? "
" No, why? "
" Die cow "
by iiKeithRainbow March 08, 2021
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A pro-ana board that claims to be pro-suppport. But in reality supports fasts, has thinspiration and tips and tricks now defined as meeting yourself halfway.
It is run by mainly whiny, emo girls between the ages of 16-21 who cry about life and how their parents don't understand, oh how nobody knows about their eating disorders or rather imagined eating disorders.
Recently they have been featured in Faces of Pro-ana
Which created a wave of furor on another board Mama Vision where the members of CB showed their true colours.
Pro Ana: Cerulean Butterfly is Pro-Reality not Pro-Ana.
Their Reality:
Drinking large quanities of water before bed will make you pee out fat in the morning.
I love these looooong, endless real-girl thinspo posts!!! THANK U and KaRmAaaah for ya
Wonderful pictures...those legs pics I am craving for those lovely legs...thank you so much....xx
We don't shove recovery down people's throat's we are a support group.
by Abbandon April 03, 2008
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