The main character from the awesome anime show Naruto...
Despite starting off as a simple minded prankster without much skills, naruto has turned much more mature after sasuke's betrayal.(his 'Best friend'*cough).

He has the Kyuubi(the nine tailed fox) sealed with in him by his father, 4th hokage, who was trying to protect the village from it. In turn having kyuubi inside him gives a reserve of almost unlimited amount of chakra. But as Kyuubi's spirit is menacing, he rarely uses it, unless in life threatening situation, or extreme emotions...

Even though he still retains some of his childish behaviours (ramen, pranks etc) part 2 he's one of the best in the whole series. Now he trains to enter sage mode, allowing him not to use kyuubi's power, but still be very strong. Even without Kyuubi, naruto is one of the strongest in the whole series (not THE strongest)...but with the kyuubi....well let's just not go there....he hasn't released kyuubi's full power yet...

Even when he was 12..orochimaru(the legendary sannin) ran away from him when he turned in 4 tails form....and he still had 5 more tails & sh8 load of tricks that go with it...
Naruto Uzumaki- Rasengan!!!

Orochimaru - yeah you can't hit me with that kid...

"Four tailed menacing ball"!!!

Sh*t this kid is outta control!!! ok better not try to molest him, unlike sasuke he's harder to brainwash....
by fsdfsafd June 16, 2010
From the anime Naruto; Naruto is a young ninja from the village Konohagakure who is encased with a demonic fox that attacked his village around the time of his birth. His primary motivation throughout the series is to become Hokage, or in other words, the village leader of Konohagakure. During the beginning of the series, Naruto was a simple-minded prankster who wished for acceptance. However, as the series progresses, Naruto develops into a more much mature character, although he still retains some of his childhood traits. Naruto appears in all of the series' films, as well as other media related to the franchise, including video games and OVAs.

Naruto Uzumaki: "I will become the next Hokage! Dattebayo!"

Naruto Uzumaki: Ano sa! Ano sa! Kaka-sensei!"

Naruto Uzumaki: Rameeen!
by timbitz February 6, 2008
Little Naruto: A cute motherfucker that hate from his whole village and wanted to become HOKAGE

Look! A wild Naruto Uzumaki appeared!!
by elaineuzumaki____ September 17, 2020
Some Bitch ass demon possessed ass kid who runs behind his gay friend Sasuke Uchiha to suck his cock and ask him to come home with him. Possesses the Sage Mode and is master in Sage Art Jutsu. Has a NIne-Tailed Demon Fox named Kurama inside of him. EVERY SCHOOLGIRl wants him after he saves the world.
Oh, look! Its Naruto Uzumaki, the Seventh Hokage.
by Mohareem abduljabar February 15, 2021
The main character of an anime where you look for SASUKEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!1
Sh*t this kid is outta control!!! ok better not try to molest him, unlike sasuke he's harder to brainwash.... Naruto Uzumaki
by Sasukeeee November 10, 2020
a kid that wanted to become HOKAGE

P.S (a sexy person that you’ll fall in love with)
Woah! Naruto Uzumaki Is So Amazing
by elaineuzumaki____ September 17, 2020
The main character from the show ‘Naruto’. He chases after his gay ass emo ‘best friend’ so that he can get some of that dck. He has the nine tailed beast called Kuruma sealed in him and his father is the fourth Hokage. He is part of Team 7. Naruto is also hot asf.
Naruto: RamenIchiraku Ramen
Naruto: dattebayo

“Hey have you heard about Naruto Uzumaki?”

“Yeah, he saved the village from Pain!”
by jade(Naruto obsessed) September 17, 2021