A pro-ana board that claims to be pro-suppport. But in reality supports fasts, has thinspiration and tips and tricks now defined as meeting yourself halfway.
It is run by mainly whiny, emo girls between the ages of 16-21 who cry about life and how their parents don't understand, oh how nobody knows about their eating disorders or rather imagined eating disorders.
Recently they have been featured in Faces of Pro-ana
Which created a wave of furor on another board Mama Vision where the members of CB showed their true colours.
Pro Ana: Cerulean Butterfly is Pro-Reality not Pro-Ana.
Their Reality:
Drinking large quanities of water before bed will make you pee out fat in the morning.
I love these looooong, endless real-girl thinspo posts!!! THANK U and KaRmAaaah for ya
Wonderful pictures...those legs pics I am craving for those lovely legs...thank you so much....xx
We don't shove recovery down people's throat's we are a support group.
by Abbandon April 03, 2008
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Cerulean Fever is categorized as a fever sickness in which one's temperature does not exceed a 100 degrees Fahrenheit and lasts up to 24 to 48 hours. Common symptoms include nausea, headache, chills or sweating extreme discoloration of stool, in some cases there may be wailing from small children and elderly. Causes of Cerulean Fever stem from allergic reaction, systemic exhaustion and overconsumption.
The past couple days of Cerulean Fever have been Dreadful.
by girard p February 09, 2018
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The California Cerulean Ohserpentus is commonly found in dark, small spaces, like nightstands or in a pile of towels on a bedroom floor. It is nominally larger than than the California Caucasion Ohserpentus, but significantly smaller than the African version of the same species. The trademark attack of the Cerulean Ohserpentus involves a quivering exterior that moves slowly to and fro, and ultimately results in the victims convulsing, accompanied by verbal outbursts, from which the OHserpentus got its name.
Oh my! A California Cerulean Ohserpentus! I wonder if it has attacked anyone recently. Why else would it be on the floor?
by GoneSquatchin’ April 02, 2018
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