One who practices in the art of slaying ceebs
Brendan is the master of ceeb slaying. He's such a ceeb slayer
by Ceeb Slayee October 2, 2008
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Internet slang, used as noob or cb. CB is the same, City Boy. "Ceeb", came from pronouncing CB. (See-Bee) so it was shortened to ceeb. still a jokingly offensive word, used by many small-town people, rednecks, hicks, or farmers.
haha you're such a ceeb! you don't know what a steed is?!
by kyliei December 21, 2007
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It's a lot like Chronic fatigue, but entirely bullshit.

There is only one known case to man kind, this case is found in the beautiful man, most commonly known as Steven Charles Vella.
"Hey man why you late to school again?"

"Hey Bro, i couldn't wake up, my chronic ceebs flared up again"

"Sounds like Bullshit"

"Nah man, It's real! Ask my mum."
by definitelynottom March 3, 2012
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To be honest I can't be arsed.

Shortened versions of the abbreviations 'Tbh' and 'cba'.

But put together they're even cooler. It just flows off the tongue easily.

Created and used frequently at NGHS.
"Teebs ceebs with homework"

"Yeah I ceebs with life in general teebs."
by BXBXBXBX November 13, 2008
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French for "The Ceeb" Also known as La Beeb or Beebas
man check out that la ceeb!
by Gabrielleaa November 13, 2007
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An expression used to describe something that you can't be arsed to do; can't be bothered.
"Hey Dave, help me take this out to the garbage."
"Sorry mate, ceeb, I'm knackered from doing your sister."
by phatmacca August 2, 2021
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