In 2011, 6th Form students at Edgecliff High School decided saying Can't Be Arsed (CBA) was to much effort, so they began evolving the word into an easier, less energy costing phrase.

Thus 'Ceebs' was born - its definition still being can't be arsed, but on a much greater level.
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derived from the meaning "cbf" - meaning cant be fucked.
person one: hey wanna go out somewhere?
person two: phft ceebs.
by KASSissuchaparawhore. June 20, 2009
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An abbreviation of "CBA", which is an abbreviation for "Cannot be arsed"

Used when you REALLY cannot be bothered to do something.
Katt: Come to the show tonight?

Josh: Ceeb
by Katt on behalf of Josh September 1, 2007
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an asian, usually used by loc's from the 604 talking about their neighbours
'yo that ceeb can't drive'
by holla-front is wack March 20, 2004
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a word that was formed at Vancouver College which you use when refering to an asian person (chinese, japanese, vietmanese, korean etc...not indian etc.)

or a word for someone that is smarter than average
1a) god damn he is such a bad driver, he must be a ceeb

1b) richmond is full of ceebs

2) you got 102% on that math test... WOOOW your such a ceeb
by sick of them May 27, 2010
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A lame slang word describing an individuals lack of motivation or enthusiasm to do something.
It is overused by ignorant teens with the combined I.Q of a house brick.
The word is now used as a proclamation of one's loss of individuality, cognitive and descent into conformity.
The word has metamorphosed, now breaking basic grammar.

New variations include: jibs, cibs, what the ceebs
idiot teen no.1: i think i like insert persons name
idiot teen no.2: What the ceebs?

idiot teen no.3: man i should do this homework but im so ceebs
person: perhaps you should get off this facebook 'ceebs' group and do the work you idiot
by you killed the english languag December 5, 2008
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