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Caydence is a girl who can be shy at first, but when you get to know her she is loud and bubbly. She loves to help others and often puts others before her. She is a straight A student and is probably on the honour roll. She's a teachers pet, but not the bad type. If you are lucky enough to date You better hold on to her. She can be kind of clingy in a relationship, but most of the time its just because she's afraid of losing you. She has pretty terrible trust issues, but she gets through it. If you hurt her, her best friend will hunt you down. I'm serious, you will regret hurting her.
Guy 1: damn, who is that?

Guy 2: thats my gf, Caydence.

Guy 1: damn, you're hella lucky.
by caymcgo14 June 04, 2019
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Caydence is someone who knows her way around dick
“Caydence blew me off last night man. The best i’ve ever had”
by do not use your real name September 15, 2019
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