How people from New York say "Coffee"

Also works with:

Chawklate - Chocolate
Doawg - Dog
Dawling - Darling
Doawlas - Dollars
Sawsage - Sausage
Jewsey - Jersey
Baws - Boss

There definitely are more, you just have to experiment with different words to see if it works.
Frank - "Hey, you see that guy?!"

Mitch - "Yeah he was totally like, 'Eh, Baws, can I get another Sawsage bagel with Chawklate milk? My Dawg accidentally drank some Cawfee and now its gonna cost me 300 Doawlas to get it fixed."
by Koolguy_gt500 March 22, 2010
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Hamza: May i have an American cawfee please?
Waitress: Sir, whats an American coffee?
Hamza: it's literally in the menu *shows the menu* it literally says American cawfee.
Waitress: *goes to the bartender then comes back* do you mean Nescafe sir?
Hamza: *gives up in life and shakes his head* may i have a hot chocolate please?

And since then hamza is getting bullied for saying cawfee instead of coffee and he has suicidal thoughts from it
by Notmyrealnamelmao July 29, 2020
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Different Pronunciation for the beverage coffee mainly used in new jersey and east new york
My nigga i could really go for some cawfee right now. *Yo you mean coffee?* Nigga i mean what the fuck i said
by jerseyyyyyyyyy April 27, 2020
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It’s coffee, but mixed with mucus until the density is similar to that of glue.
1 “Hello, what can I get ya’!”
2 “Hello, can I get the usual?”
1 “Will do, Grace!”
1 *Throats own index finger*
1 *Vigorously spits mucus into fresh coffee painfully while gagging on what’s climbing*
1 “Here you, Grace. A cawfee!”
2 “Thank you! I won’t get cawfee from anyone else!”
by GrassiestOfTheGrassy September 5, 2021
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Oh my GAWD! Go Nomarrrr! Lets go get some coffee and watch a Ben Affleck flick.
by brady June 10, 2003
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This is a word used like the word coffee but its only used by the pro youth coffee drinking team
Jenny: "Imma go get some cAwfEe"
Kace : "Okay"
Todoeg: "Thats a good name for a game"
Roblox: "No its not"
by blueducksAREreal May 27, 2020
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