That's your homie, close friend
#bestfriend #homie #Friend #mydawg
by Loverr😘 October 23, 2017
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Someone that you are close friends with that you secretly like.
by Homie1139 January 7, 2020
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A term to greet the fellow pioneers of your group in the most comforting way possible, Used in all cases and can be used with any tone or pitch. can also be tweeked
"Yoo my dawggggggggggggggg"
"dawgggggggggggg my yo"
"my dawg yoooooooooo"
"ggggggggggggwad ym oy"
"yo my dawg how you been"
by Thatcuntthathatesshaun October 22, 2017
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Phrase implying unyielding friendship Even if you are all the way wrong, the ppl that spoke this have your back. 2. your nigga tells you this 3 Friend you call when shit goes south i.e. when you fuck up 4 a Mothafucka who would never sell you out ,5.a hommie that's "ride or die" 6.A greeting
1.I dont care if you banged my wife and my mom , you still my dawg.

2.Fuck dem bitch ass dudes, you my dawg and ill be a mothafucka if I let someone go out on you like that.
4.Say my nigga, I just got caught fucking your sister in the ass by your moms, Friend: "Its all good cuz you my Dawg and your grandma just took it in the brown too.
by Un10nCarb1d4 December 4, 2012
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where a homie sees another homie
Guy 1: wassup my dawg
Guy 2: Hey holmes
by dhsuwnf October 11, 2021
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A phrase said to a true cat, when they a true dawg.
"You my cat, dawg"
*passes blunt*

"Thanks dawg"

"he's my cat"
by Talonian July 25, 2016
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