The sound a gopher makes when it simultaneously coughs and laughs while surrounded by future legal scholars.
The Canadian was distracted by the large number of seemingly unconnected people laughing at the gopher, who was caughing.
by Stobama May 2, 2010
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1) An obnoxious phrase used when one being pisses the shit out of you.

2) A substitute for the phrase "kind of".

2) Person 1: "Do you like my gouch?"
Person 2: "Caugh"
by Tommy boy G March 1, 2007
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To laugh so much you cum.
Verb: to caugh
I was caughing it was so funny
by hornsey7 October 2, 2009
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when the act of laughing makes you involuntarily swallow down the windpipe causing you to cough
When she hard that joke she caughed so hard
by UKinNY May 3, 2017
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the act of cuaghing or houking up cum the day after giving oral sex
sally hates cum caughing after a long night of giving oral sex
by xtOcy December 22, 2004
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The act of farting so much it makes one caugh.
I started so much it turned into caughing gas!
by Gassygirl November 17, 2017
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When all persons attending a show wait until the "quiet point" ,right when the show begins, and all suddennly get an "itch" in the back of their throat and must all start Caughing unanimously. sometimes funny but always very annoying and usually occurs at any high school performance when the lights go down
"Dude I was at the band concert waiting for it to start, and when it did it was a total case of Crowd Caugh Phenomenon"
by Skylo4593 May 27, 2009
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