The act of having a rowdy round of shots while shouting "CAUCUS" instead of "CHEERS".
Person 1: "Are we ready to caucus?"
Person 2: "Should we caucus?"
Person 3: "Caucus!"
Everyone: "CAUCUS!"
by DaAn_NaDa May 26, 2020
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(n) Latin for: "The only time anyone give's a damn about Iowa"
It's time for the Caucus
by Chris Moyer February 27, 2008
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A parliamentary group within the Australian Labor party dedicated to maintaining bigoted, homophobic and socially regressive policy.
Despite overwhelming public sentiment in favour of gay marriage, Caucus has decided to continue to oppose any changes to the Marriage Act.
by istara November 7, 2010
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An intimate meeting involving two or more homosexual men in which indecent sexual activity is conducted.
by obsidian March 23, 2004
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Another word used for "my slime". Caucus can be used to describe a member of your "gang" or team. Could also be used to substitute the n-word for white people.
My homie, Bobby, is on my caucus. What's up my caucus? How's it hangin'?
by Shmeaty McBeaty November 6, 2020
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Caucus is the white version of the N-word
Only white people are allowed to say this , if a non white male says this it is racist
Hey brother , how's my caucus brotha doing?

Im good my Caucasian
by BASED-MAGA2024 October 7, 2021
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A system utilized in the determination of a party's candidate that is very similar to a primary, only without the voting.
Ted: Who are you voting for in the primaries, Hillary or Obama?

Ralph: Neither, our state has a caucus.
by Kate Sjostrand February 21, 2008
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