a very attractive looking female. killer body, blonde hair, and blue eyes. tall and tan.
"that bitch, she's a total caty."
by Aurora November 26, 2003
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A brunette babe with a killer body, skilled in the art of "Shake Weight". Also works wonders with a Hula-Hoop.
Look at that Caty, performs the 6-minute workout in just 30 seconds.
by LunchMonday January 26, 2010
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An adorable little shit who has a lot of sass, like how is it even possible for someone to have that much sass contained within them? They're very smart and are beautiful in every way. They're very fun to cuddle and have an adorable lisp. And if you want to talk skyrim, they're the person you go to.
Person 1: Have you met Caty?

Person 2: Yes! Aren't they the best!
by *Ironically uses finger guns* February 23, 2017
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A cat with no tail that can still balance because it's magic.
*Cat walking around with no tail*
Friend "Wow..look at that Caty!"
by Roxalox May 3, 2012
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She is an amazing individual who beasts at everything. Somewhat of a tomboy, tough and hates cocky uptight people. People describe her as brave kind, but you don’t wanna get on her bad side. She takes crap from no one and makes people laugh like there's no fucking tomorrow. Sweet most of the time but will shut a bitch up quick. Loves a good fight. Once you’re on her good side you have made a friend for life, but if you do something to make her mad she will show you. she is athletic and does sports most people would not think a girl would, but she shows the world that she is made of steel and iron. She is not easily influenced and may not be able to make big decisions. She tries her best to follow a good way of life, even if that does not happen. she is also a f'n genius. she can outsmart guys 10 to 1. do not underestimate her. Her ambitions are set high, and she has the talent to achieve them, but she doesn't know how to start her journey. Wants to be the Alpha. Tends to get hyper and somewhat silly or childish and any dare she gets she will fulfil, but overall someone people LOVE to meet!. When your sad she will make you happy. she is easy to talk to and once you meet her you will want to see her again. she loves her friends and will always stick up for them. She may not catch everyone's attention, but she doesn't need it. She just needs her loving friend’s attention. Also, is most likely single because boys are too intimidated to talk to her
"That's a real, true Catie there!"

"don't mess with catie, she'll f*** you right up"
by #damrightimabeaturass August 26, 2018
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She has a beautiful personality, really easy to get along with and usually the life of the party. Easy to love, hard to hate. Drama will more than likely come her way whenever it can. She won't trust very many people only because she knows nobody she can trust. She has alot of friends, but only a couple true ones, whom which she still cant figure out. She looks really good in red and really bad in turquoise. She would love to give you advice anyday. She is normally attracted to guys that really like her, but does not know what to do with them or what they wanna do with her. Gossip gossip gossip.
Look at Catie, she looks really nice!
She can really work it, yanno?
Catie's been real bitchy lately.
by This is real. March 28, 2010
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