A wetland plant that looks like a wiener. The cattail comes from the genus typha. A cattail has a brown, fuzzy flower and erect green leaves.
My cousin picked a cattail from the pond and told me that it was a hairy hotdog
by Diamond.gal33 December 28, 2018
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long skinny breasts, usually unbraed ,hanging breasts
please put a bra on those cattails!
by darose February 5, 2010
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When she wakes you up in the early morning hours by lowering and grinding her asshole on your face reverse cowgirl while working your limp dick into a raging hard on.
Sorry I’m late for work.

This is your last warning. You’ve been late all week.

I know. She keeps doing the cattail fluff on me and I end up clapping them cheeks.

Well in that case, they can be excused. Clap on my good man.
by Dick Onchin October 2, 2020
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1. Some rad girlie band from Portland, Maine.
2. Ninjas that fight with cattails.
1. "Those Cattail Ninja girls are pretty rad, and so's their music."
2. "Capisic Pond is FULL of those cattail ninjas, so you better watch out, FOOL!"
by the guhllies. October 22, 2005
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A violent and somewhat revolutionary act, whereby one takes a mason jar, a flammable liquid of some variety, a roll of duct tape, and, of course, a live, adorable, mewling kitten. You take the jar, fill it a depth of roughly half the cat's length, dangle the kitten head first into the jar (barely deep enough for it's snout to be submerged), securely tape the kitten's haunches/hindquarters into the mouth of the jar, light it's tail, and throw it at the offending party. Preferably, the elderly, for being slow... and smelly. And old.
I was sitting on my porch, and Old Man Jenkins hobbled by. Naturally, I was consumed with a ravenous, hellbound fury and an unquenchable thirst to take his life, via a good ol' Molotov Cattail. My life sentence starts Thursday.

Totally worth it.
by Kamui Takahashi November 8, 2009
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When you laugh so hard that you can not control your self, and you roll around on the ground in pain but you can't stop laughing no mattrer how hard you try.
Man I went cattail the other day.When Bob got sacked and fell off the deck!
by jonny slim June 24, 2005
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