The biggest city in Maine, an artsy hipster town with a large homosexual and homeless population, and by far the largest concentration of attractive females in New England, thanks to the Maine College of Arts.
Yo man I never wanna leave Portland, Maine.
by THEGANJAQUEEN September 30, 2011
Portland is a city. An average sized city by many state standards, but the largest city in Maine. It has a diverse population, unlike the many towns surrounding it. If you want to go "out" in Southern Maine, you make the trip to the old port. The architecture and museums are school field trip destinations. The city has many look-out points along Casco Bay.
Where are we going tonight? Portland, Maine.
by marthkat March 4, 2009
Portland Maine is fuckin’ wild. Having the most restaurants than any other city in the US, and barley any are chains. Marajuana is leagal (if 18+ duh) & you can litterally walk around downtown, which is probably the best place, smoking a blunt. It’s so retro and good vibes too. Litterally most of our building are 100+ years old. The bitches in Oregon took our name but it’s fine because we’re obviously superior. If you visit go there some places to go are; Silly’s (restutaunt), The Nickelodeon (really old movie theater), East end beach/munjoy hill (most beautiful place in the world), Becky’s diner ( nothin’ finah’!), Portland high school (one of the oldest high schools in the country), and just find other shit to do because there’s a ton.
“Jen I’m tired of staying in Florida when EVERYONE is on fuckin vacay down here.”
“You’re right Tom. Heyyyyyy lets go to Portland, Maine! It’s beautiful!!”
by Spookyskeletons May 20, 2018
The biggest city in Maine
Kind of a sketchy place at night
Where most of the somalies and ethopian immigrants in Maine are located
'Portland, Maine' Dude I was drivin through p-town at night and saw a homeless guy pissin on a building, it was wicked gross.
by maineman720 January 26, 2009
Metropolis of Maine, envy of Boregon. which is the land of rain and suicide
Passport required for entry unless you're a Catholic Charities refugee. (a 3rd world immigrant who knows 2 English words, welfare and lawyer)
Large GLBTGQ liberal population, larger redneck hick 4x4 population that resents the 1st group.
Only True Blue Occupy group, as in Wall St, (in Portland aka Lincoln Park ) living in tents in 10 degree weather, bolstered by the largest homeless transient preggo (eyetalian for knocked up) teen population east of the Mississippi.
City Council form of government with City Manager & Mayor so Portlanders get double raped on taxation.
City full of lawyers and actors working as busboys and waiters. Portland has more restaurants per capita than any American city and the most grease clogged sewers and arteries in America.
Meet Truly Dynamic Women (Fat chicks whom even lesbians won't date) who don't shave or bathe, wear tats on their twats and pins in their shins.
Come for the day, but leave before dark.
Portland, Maine
by Adam Popovich December 29, 2011
The original Portland. Oregon stole its name. An amazing city by the ocean, very welcoming. The biggest and most diverse city in the otherwise boring and conservative state of Maine. A small city in which most people know each other.
Person 1: You live in Portland? Oregon?
Person 2: Nah -- Portland, Maine.
Person 1: Oh, that's way cooler.
by cascochick June 29, 2018
the best motherfucking city in the world. where you can live, eat, play, and fuck, within a 5 mile radius. portland maine is the OG portland. the munjoy hill district is possibly the best place to hang out. EVAR. oregon stole portland from us, because they couldn't come up with their own fucking name. those ore-fags.
by teresaa February 6, 2009