Castle Hill: England, Huddersfield.

Castle Hill is fairly small in size, but quaint. The hill it's self is named Castle Hill, because once upon a time, a huge wooden castle had been built up there. People have settled there for thousands of years because it is a very high point, and attackers at the base of the hill could easily be seen. Bones of hunted bears and wolves have been found in the well that is near the monument Tower of Queen Victoria's golden Jubilee.
It has been said that up there and around roams a small pack of feral children and/or adolescents that hunt the rabbits and deer around the area. Nobody has ever claimed to be injured by a member of the legendary pack.
"Castle Hill's 'feral children' do not seem to be a threat; indeed, besides the evidence found, they do not seem to be real." - Local newspaper
by Hellz July 22, 2006
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Tavern located in the north western suburb of Castle Hill in Sydney.
Drinks are overpriced for the western suburbs and is always mostly filled with aussie tradesmen and aussie metrogays and has a pathetic excuse for a nightclub
Guy 1: Lets goto Castle Hill Tavern tonight and pick up some chicks
Guy 2: Fuck off! I dont want some derro housing commission bitch, lets goto Parra and get some hot wog bitches
by Felip June 23, 2004
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One of Ed Sheerans new songs released in January of 2017. Legend has it if you listen to it you can hear the crying of a million fangirls. Always equip tissues when listening to this masterpiece.
Ed saved 2017 with castle on the hill and I'm an emotional wreck.
by MemeFalcon January 7, 2017
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