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Castaneda is a handsome last name that is owned by a handsome young man. Castaneda is Mr.Right. Castaneda is a young trusting adult. He is a weirdo but funny, he will always be there to make you laugh. Castaneda is a really active young man. If you find a guy with the last name of Castaneda. Then I'm telling you that you better hold on to him. The last name Castaneda is rare last name, not only does it have a unique spelling it also has a very unique way of pronouncing it. His favorite colors might be red and blue. His favorite superhero might be Batman and his favorite supervillain might be the Joker. He is the love of your life, the apple of your eye, or the "one". He is a loving human being. He has lots of friends and he also can keep a girl. Castaneda is the last name of a man that sees everything in a girl, he doesn't just see her body, he sees a girl for their smile, their beauty, their laugh, (Etc.). Just know that you can always trust a man with the last name of Castaneda because he is not only your best friend, he is your lover, and he is trustworthy. Castaneda is also the last name of a team player, a intelligent, a charming handsome, and active trusting young man. The last name Castaneda should be the last name that you want to have one day.
Lilly: I'm in love with Cristian Castaneda, I think I wanna marry him one day.
Cassidy: Go for it! He is the ONE for you.
Iory: Cristian Castaneda is so sexy(no homo)
Lilly: I agree with both of you! Cristian Castaneda is the one and he is sexy!💑
by Liliana E. May 18, 2018
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to be weird yet sexy to the other sex in all ways and to have a large penis or to know how to make any man cum in less than 20 seconds a person that you would consider having sex with but would need a friend to tell you to have sex with the "castaneda"
that guy/chick is so castaneda, would you do him/her?
i kinda want to do that castaneda
by anime 86 June 12, 2008
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A drug dealer who sleeps with men and woman. A drug dealing sex addict. He /or she is bi sexual and will take it in the ass for fun. He/or she will trade sex for drugs or money.
A Castaneda will trade you sex for money. Crack for your crackhole.
by TeriSheshe67 June 03, 2015
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