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The act of removing a fitted sheet from a bed and placing it over ones head as to transform into a ghost. Then perform the deed of intercourse with a confused partner while maintaining a ghost-like demeanor.
“So you picked up last night, did you Casper her bro?”
“Yeah it was great man, she was so confused when I pulled all the sheets off her bed”
“Caspering is always a good time”
by FreshPrince_321 June 03, 2014
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To "Caspering" Is to have you and a friend tag team from both ends with sheets over your heads to avoid eye contact between yourself and your partner in crime.
I was wondering mate if you fancied caspering this girl I just met?

Hi mate if you want this 3 sum we could Casper so we don't get embarrassed or see each other.
by Casperingchris September 29, 2018
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When your skin be looking pale/like a ghost.
Person 1: Gaspsss! OMG!
Person 2: What is it?
Person 1: I thought I saw a ghost but it was just you. Girlll, you be caspering.
Person 2: Girlll bye, I thought my foundation was my correct shade.
Person 1: Well, you thought wrong girlllll.
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by Crusty Scrub June 13, 2019
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The act of jizzing on ones hand and then proceeding to beat the shit out of the mate with the sticky limb.
"How did Caspering go bro?"

"Man last night was crazy. I Caspered my girlfriend so hard she couldn't even open her eyes when i was done."
by Muff McCabbage October 09, 2011
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The act of vigorously applying facial scrubs/soaps in order to care for one's skin, resulting in a frothy white foam on the face that makes the individual appear ghostly. The term is frequently applied to females--whom inherently spend more time engaging in the activity than males--and often to Asian females specifically, because of their affinity for such beauty rituals.
Melanie spent almost 20 minutes caspering every night, often resulting in her boyfriend falling asleep before she got to bed.

Jane was jealous that her boyfriend's caspering routine was far less involved than hers.
by newordude December 11, 2012
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The act of putting a Kleenex on your dick and wiggling it around, pretending it's a ghost.
"Me and my wife does this thing called "caspering" after sex, she puts a Kleenex on my dick, and I wiggle the thing around pretending it's a ghost, I think she is interested by how much control men have over their peni."
by Treatz_QW June 04, 2018
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