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To throw away, vanish, disappear, to be wiped of existence//A dark becoming, silent approach, or graceful stealth. This word can be used as an adjective, or verb.

'We will all mourn the loss of those caspered away in the accident.'

'Her foot steps caspered as she danced down the abandoned hallway'

'A caspering figure loomed over, it's appearance doomed all hope was lost and would never be found. The face, blackened, the voice of many voices calling.'

'Casper, that as I felt. No one, to my knowledge, remembered meeting me. They could not draw a name to my face, that in which I become nemo.'
by DictionaryWizardManWithCoffee September 11, 2010
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In reference to Casper the friendly ghost
when s/he ghosts you in a nice way
you go out once maybe a few times and they respond to you sometimes but the point is getting across that they wouldnt like to see you again
you are getting ghosted in a nicer way
Friend 1 : "idk what happened, we went out to dinner and now she's not responding how she used to"
Friend 2: " bro beans, you're getting caspered"
by Jackace October 06, 2018
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Ghosted. Leaving that chick from the bar on read because she wanted to go on a date before smashing.
Get fuckin caspered.

dude 1: yo are you still talking to that chick we met at the hole or did your square wheeled duster ass get ghosted?
dude 2: nah i caspered her ass
dude 1: lmao get fuckin caspered
by getcaspered February 03, 2019
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When you roll over and your girl farts in your booty hole
Man, I rolled over last night to crash and homegirl straight caspered me in her sleep
by Mike the Mu July 01, 2018
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When a period of time has passed after you have been smoking weed and you burp and smoke comes out.
Dude, I just caspered out my nose.
by MTLbish April 21, 2018
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