A word meaning really cool or stupendously awesome.
That’s not very Cash-Money of you, Kyle.
It would be very Cash-Money of you to come to my book club meeting this Saturday.
by shrekzbigtoe May 6, 2020
When life shouldn't be like that, but it do
That wasn't very cash-money of you.
by blakek001 September 19, 2018
When you want to emphasize that someones action was or wasn't cool
Bill: "You ran that child over?"
Me: "Yeah why?"
Bill: "Why would you do that, that wasn't very cash-money of you!"
by Pipperpotumus March 29, 2020
'That wasn't very Cash-money of you.'
by saucelord489 November 12, 2018
When you turn off a lamp this is a moths natural defence to provoke you into turning it back on
Human: *turns off lamp*

Human: *turns lamp back on*
by Cash-mine September 29, 2018
When it shouldn’t be like that, but it be like that sometimes
That wasn’t very cash money of you.

Very cash money my guy.
by Arabella Merino November 18, 2018
1. When Life shouldn't be like that but it do
2. Cool
3. Money in the form of bills but not change.

4. Good/nice
5. Successful
1. That wasn't very cash money of you.

2. He's very cash money
3. We only accept cash money
4. She's pretty cash money herself
5. Gatsby is cash money but like its dirty money
by 50 shades of shit. July 11, 2019