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Suburb of Dallas, TX. Recently ranked #15 in Money Magazine's annual 100 best places to live, and for good reason. Carrollton has some of the best pot in Texas, a state that has some of the best pot in the world. For this one reason only, is it such a good place to live. Carrollton is home to the nefarious Dr. Greenthumb, a pot and cocaine dealer famous for hooking it up fat, and even giving away free dank ass weed to his best customers!
Want dank ass weed? I'll drive you to Doc G's for the sticky ickiest Carrollton has to offer!
by king_bloint_420 August 03, 2008
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A suburb about twenty minutes out of Dallas, Texas, with a few large schools and churches and not much else. Nice place to raise your kids, but everyone drives to Lewisville or Plano for fun stuff.
Here in Carrollton, we have a LOT of fast food restaurants, like 10+ on some intersections. That's really about it.
by BlueNinjaMage March 18, 2011
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A city in the north Dallas (TX) suburbs of about 120,000 people. IH-35E, SH 121 & the President George Bush Turnpike intersect here. It received its name from the hometown of early settlers, who came from Carrollton, Illinois. The name was officially established on May 16, 1878, when the first U.S. Post Office opened in Carrollton. A lack of city planning by past councils and city officials has led to minor and major developments from becoming a reality. As a result, the residents must all go to a bordering town or city to see a movie, go to the mall, or eat at a restaurant that is not chili's or fast-food. This has given the city the nickname of "the doughnut hole,” because while it is in the center of many cities, there’s nothing there. School districts are also messed up. You can live in the city of Carrollton, and be in the Lewisville school district, although all the nearby schools are in the Carrollton one. Many churches, as well as a mosque. has the usual Hispanic and African minority population. There are also significant Asian populations, as well as many other minorities. Often reffered to as C-town on myspace, when listing location in order to make it sound cool
I live in Carrollton Texas.
by Carrolltonian September 02, 2008
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A small town in Saginaw that has as many bars as there are churches. There is one small high school and everyone knows everyone, their secrets, and what they did last night. Gossip takes two seconds to get around in Carrollton.
"How did you know that? Its Carrollton"
by thebestpersonever4657832 September 13, 2009
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