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A song by the hip hop (and hip hop/metal crossover) band, Cypress Hill.

It can be found on their fourth album, imaginatively titled 'IV'.

Its subject matter relates to the above definition (i.e. Marijuana use, or a nickname of someone proficient at its cultivation).
Hey, have you heard that Cypress' track Dr Greenthumb?

Yeah, it's fucking cool. Pass that joint.
by Rize December 15, 2003
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n- one who is proficient at the growth of and/or use of cannibus sativa.
Dr. Greenthumb is lookin fuckin high tonight!
by Paul December 06, 2003
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One of the biggest stoners going, known legandary for his fat blunts (marijuana filled cigars) and joints (if you dont know what a joint is is you should not be reading this) ,he also likes to drink straight Vodka as soon as he wakes up, this, along with the practice of "Wake and Bake", accounts for his breakfast, which is of course; the most important meal of the day, by 12 noon, he is mighty stoned, he then rolls another blunt and goes on a Stoner Mission to where ever the day takes him (possible inspiration for a stoner film).
(Please note that Cypress Hill would be playing in the background)
Me: "Roll another Blunt"
Dr Greenthumb: "Okay, but i wont use that much weed"
(A few moments and grams of weed later)
Me: "Thats a FAT Blunt, Light it up"
(Bad meaning good, of course)
by All other names are taken up August 10, 2009
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The one who get the herb man what he need.
"Hey man can i get a sack?"
"Fuck dude im out. I gotta re-up"
"Call up Dr. Greenthumb. Hes got some mad chronic"
by shredheadGENT July 29, 2009
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the guy who everyone knows sells pot but is yet to be caught. He may possibly be your dealer, mostly likely grows his own stuff or has a large supply, often cheap sometimes medical
usually dosent smoke his own stuff.
person1: so who are we looking for?
person2: my Dr. Greenthumb
person1: oh that dude that stands in the ally by safeway with the afro and trench coat and box of lighters?

cop1:that guy in the hoodie over there is a Dr. Greenthumb
cop2: i know but he never has any on him or at his house.
by BulletProofOne July 19, 2010
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