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JJ has a big forehead, he must be KSI.
by FITneek November 15, 2020
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If a guys says you have a big forehead, he tryna clap them cheeks mama. This is a guys way of flirting so don’t say that it’s bigger than his dick or he will get offended.
damn bonquiesha you gotta big forehead
by daddy.shaylah June 4, 2020
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When you forehead is too damn big for your head and your eyebrows look like they are running away from your hairline
by Daddy52626 March 4, 2019
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A dude named KSI with a hairstyle that is looking like a mop
by Nukdox November 22, 2020
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Someone with a big forehead, normally also known to have a zero rizz and ed. May or may not also have extremely anxiety around members of the opposite sex causing them to shake out of fear.
Damn that dude got a Big forehead, he fs gets no bitches
by Yousabitch4017 July 30, 2023
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The definition is Miguel because his forehead is bigger than your future
Miguel has a bigass forehead

Miguel gets all the girls with his big forehead
by g o o d a t f o r t n i t e February 12, 2019
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